Our story

HTH Design was born to greatness in Sydney at the beginning of 2012 with the purpose to empower individuals and young brands to tell their story; and tell it boldly, consistently and beautifully.

We know just how loud and confusing the marketplace can be. Everything is accessible, which is glorious but terrifying at the same time. More than just beautiful design, we help you say no to the noise and yes to the few things that matter to you.

You have something to offer the world, a message, it’s our job to make sure people hear it.

Let us tell your story.

Meet the team

Sean Hotter

Sean Hotter
Creative Director

Co-founder and owner of Hotter than Hot Design, Sean’s role is to make sure all the wheels are turning correctly for each project. He holds a BVA majoring in computer graphics and has spent close to a decade in the design industry. He also currently works in the marketing team at rebel as a multimedia graphic designer.

Proud husband to Lauren and father to Noah (4) and Jude (2). If he's not staring at a computer screen he can be seen running, swimming with his boys or wetting a line.


Lauren Hotter
Customer Service

Lauren's role is to ensure clients are happy. Her experience working as a customer service rep for two major financial institutions in New Zealand and Australia, as well as a business consulting service, Principa Alliancemakes her pretty awesome at her job!

She has a degree in 'motherhood' majoring in raising two active boys, Noah (4) and Jude (2). She has a keen eye for crafts and can be found creating glorious delights in the kitchen to unwind.

Technology sometimes leaves me behind, but with your patience and guidance I feel that I have a great result...I’m very happy...
— Kerry Gadsby, PROPRIETOR SGS