Your Business Card is a Seed.

I remember feeling quite discouraged when I first got our business cards printed and I was handing them out left right and center. No immediate responses made me think they weren't working. 

Just today I received a message from someone I gave a card to over a year ago.

They found my card and were in need of our services now. When I first spoke to them they weren't interested. 

This is one example of many, where a client received a business card long before they needed it.

Those conversations that seem unproductive and don't immediately lead to a sale should never be overlooked.

When someone has a need arise for a service it might trigger something you said or they open a draw and guess who's card falls out.

The first response is not always the last response.

If you keep sewing the seeds of handing your card out and speaking to people - who knows when you will get the return. It does work!


Our first business card hth design.JPG