Why we build websites with Squarespace!

Last weeks blog referred to your website as a living thing.

It mentioned that a website is much like a tree, alive and ready to be cultivated.

Now let's liken building a website to building a house!

Three main things need to be considered before building a house -

  1. A budget that you can afford
  2. The location of the house
  3. The need for strong foundations

My experience with Website Building Systems or Content Management Systems (CMS) is that they are a dime a dozen. Many are built to reflect the market pressures at the time. 

The issue here is that if the market changes overnight, where does that leave your website? On shaky ground... 

The solution is to start building on a platform that has the foundational strength to survive the market place changes.

Firm foundations.

Firm foundations.

After much research and trial and error, we believe we have found the best platform to reflect our business and give the customer the best online content manager for their business!

That platform is Squarespace.

Squarespace is growing exponentially. (employing over 400 staff and investing $18 million into new tech jobs in 2014)

But what drew us to them the most is their founding principals and their easy to use product.

Firstly, the Squarespace website is built using Squarespace. Their entire business relies on the same platform and tools that their customers pay for.  

Here are another 3 founding principals we love about Squarespace -


We pursue long term ideas without fear and only release our products when we feel they meet our standards. We do not react to market pressures, but instead respect the creative process and everything else that goes into producing great work.


We think that it is important to eliminate all that is not necessary in everything we do.


While metrics are critical for tracking and testing the performance of our business, they are merely a reflection of our ideas and execution in the market. Our values and ideals are our decision making guide.

If these values sit well with you and you have been thinking of getting a new website in 2014, we would love to chat to you about it. Contact HTH Design.