When is it time to stop asking opinions?

No feedback thanks

Feedback is great, in fact it's essential for raising the standard of any project from good to exceptional!

As a designer I have come to embrace feedback. It may be hard to hear that my idea can be improved, but ultimately I know it's in my best interest. Part of our business' design process is to include time for feedback.  It's an opportunity to get opinions from someone who doesn't see the project as closely as you do. But, there is a time to stop asking opinions and move forward!

Nothing can slow a project down more than the confusion that comes from listening to everyone's opinions after you have made a decision. 

If I was to ask 5 people what their favourite takeaway food was, chances are I would get 3-5 different answers. Why? Because everyone has a different preference.

It's no different when getting a logo designed. Some people prefer blue and elegant, some people prefer black and bold, there is literally a never ending sea of opinions out there!

It can be a vulnerable time developing a logo. Sharing your dream with the public for the first time. It makes sense to keep the audience very select before it launches.

When we develop a logo for someone, it's obvious when they are asking too many people for their opinions. They are either confused, production comes to a halt or we go around in circles . It can even happen after they have expressed how happy they were with the logo as well!

Ask a few people then back yourself

If you are in the process of getting a logo designed (or website) there are really only a very few people you need to ask for feedback. They are:

  1. Someone who knows your dream and idea (Someone you trust)
  2. Someone who doesn't know your dream or idea  (to ensure the message is working)
  3. Yourself. You need to be happy with the outcome more than anyone else. Make a decision and back yourself.

And whatever you do don't post it on Facebook asking for feedback, argh!

Have you had an experience with logo design? Good or bad... please share, we would love to hear about it!