What are Google Adwords and can they help my business?

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Most of your potential customers will be searching for your business through online search engines like Google. In fact, 95% of web users search on Google search.

That means the first page results are pretty important. And the first few results on the page are where the action happens. You know yourself, you only consider clicking the first few results.

The results on the first page are separated into two kinds of results - Paid results and Organic results (or natural results).

Organic results

Organic results are ultimately where any website owner wants  their content to be. Approximately 94% of users on Google search will click on organic search results opposed to 6% who will click on to the paid ad.

Organic results is website content that ranks naturally in order of relevance to the user's search term. This is because Google sees that content as the most accurate result to display.

Getting this organic ranking may be the result of any number of SEO tactics, whether naturally building your websites content or paying an SEO agency to do the work for you. 

Paid results

Paid results are the 'paid ads' that sit at the top or right of the page. Google changes the location of these ads to test the effectiveness of the position. 

They are called pay per click because each ad has a dollar value that is paid to Google every time someone clicks on them. That cost is determined by the demand of the 'keywords' used in the ad.

They appear because the search term contains the same keywords (as well as a number of other equations) that are used in the Adwords campaign when setup.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising has great advantages. Mainly the immediacy of it. Getting results on organic search can be a lengthy process that can take months to years to see improvements (done the right way). Whereas paid ads are effective immediately and can have a great return on investment.

In many cases, users that click on them are ready to buy a product or service, that's why they clicked on them :)

Search results from Google search  

Looking at the above search results, consider the search term that was used. 'Sydney roof tilers' is a very broad search term and would have huge competition. These ads would have a 'high cost' per click to the owner. 

The key is to consider the language and word selection that you use. If you want a better return on investment, pick keywords that your potential customers would type to look for your service or product.

ie. If you are a roof tiler in Balgowlah, be a little more descriptive than saying, 'Sydney roof tiler'. Think and talk locally and put yourself in your clients shoes. You would be better off using the phrase 'Balgowlah roof tiling under $1000'. This narrows down the options and gives a more accurate display of what you offer. (if you have roof tiling services under $1000 in Balgowlah! )

It develops a 'niche market' that brings the right clients your way.

If you've considered paying for some online marketing, PPC marketing may be a great solution for you. Like everything though, it requires some preparation and strategic thinking to be done properly.

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