Squarespace Website for Ocean Photography

...you and Lauren were very helpful and accommodating and I couldn’t be happier with the end result!
— Piers Haskard

It's not hard to make a good looking website when you're working with the talented Piers Haskard. His stunning 'ocean centric' photography would make any average website, outstanding. 

Piers was looking for a website that would provide the platform to sell his photography as acrylic and canvas prints. We knew exactly what platform to offer, Squarespace!

It was great to see the capabilities of Squarespace commerce too. The challenge was to test the platforms 'product variables' to include all the pricing options. A challenge we were happy to accept.

Piers can now receive payments through PayPal and Credit Cards with no hassle. And to complete his professional web store service, a domain name and email address were necessary too.

Check out Piers Haskard's amazing photography here - piershaskard.com