Squarespace Website for Medical Data

We had a lot of fun working with Guy Eslick to build a website and logo for his business, Clued (Clinical Links using Evidence-based Data). Guy is passionate about interpreting clinical data for a broad range of organisations and individuals. He needed assistance building an online presence that showed his team's professionalism and answered potential clients questions promptly. We were happy to help!

Our job was to develop his brand identity through their website and logo. It's always more exciting when we do the logo as well as the website because we get to work on the brand from a holistic perspective and weave the visuals together to tell a complete story. 

The logo represents the connection or links between the evidence within the data that ultimately lead to the discovery. It needed to be bold and easy to read, just like any logo that will be used digitally these days.




When creating the website, we were excited to use the Squarespace video feature for the banner on the home page. We could stay consistent by using the 'data elements' that keep telling the brand story.

Following on from that, we designed some custom graphics on the services pages that matched the elements on the logo and tied the visuals together again.

Graphic elements for Clued.com.au

It was a pleasure to work with Guy knowing that through his work, many people can find solutions to medical problems.

Check out the website here!