One step at a time

One step at a time

It can be overwhelming looking at the size of your goals some days!

The mountain before you can leave questions in your mind as to why you do what you do. I think it's important to be realistic about the steps and the time frame to get to the summit.

I am notorious for biting off more than I can chew and in turn, continually failing. The problem with unrealistic goals and time frames is eventually you get discouraged and want to give up.

I was at a business breakfast the other week learning from those who have gone ahead and been successful. I enjoyed myself immensely.

Why? Because it made sense. I could understand what was being said, rather than being caught up in some corporate jargon that was way above my head. I understood the majority of what was being said.

The stuff I didn't understand, I wasn't meant to...not yet, or maybe not at all. (I certainly don't want to be a self-sufficient island that knows everything and can't work with others - what a responsibility!)

Consider a meal. It is consumed one bite at a time. Personally I eat the vegetables first because that way, I can enjoy the dessert knowing I have eaten what is good for me. (Mmmm Sticky date pudding!)

In terms of business goals - it's got to be one step at a time. And starting with the vegetables. Sure success is the dessert but if you rush ahead, you skip a process. If you skip a process, you won't understand the process and without understanding, you will no doubt make poor decisions.

Take the pressure off yourself a little today! Look behind you and see how far you have come already! Don't compare yourself to someone who is further along on the journey.

Speaking of business vegetables, to help me break down some of that 'Business Jargon' that often evades me,  HTH Design will be publishing a 'business term and it's meaning' every now and again. The definitions will be taken from, and presented in a bite size morsel for you to digest.

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