Is your website telling the truth?

Is your website telling the truth

In a follow up to the post What is SEO?

It's important to know that Google's page ranking system doesn't actually rank your entire website, but either a page or a post from your website.

This is done by asking a series of questions of your website and it's content. At the core of it, Google is looking for website integrity. And they don't take your word for it!

They look for what other websites say about your site. This is called 'back linking.'

Here is an example...

Let's say that you need a room painted in your house, so you go on Facebook and ask if anyone knows of a reliable, affordable painter in your area.

Two people answer. One of those people is your best friend, William, who you have known for over 10 years. You know William always tells the truth and he is in a similar trade as a builder!

The second person to answer is your cousins' friend, Dillon. You don't really know him very well except for the occasion you met him at a family gathering and he lied about his age!

Whose opinion do you take? Of course, you are going to take William's opinion, right? (Nod yes)

Google's job is to look at sites, and decide if they, along with sites linked to them, are of GOOD reputation or BAD reputation.

It's great to know that Google is constantly trying to prevent Spammy (Fake websites trying to get your money) websites from overtaking the internet!