If you doubt Social Media is for your business - read this!

We all have our reservations about Social Media (SM) and it's benefit for our business. Why should you pay for a service or product that you know very little about?


This was recently the case for a client of ours, who for over a year had a resistance to fully investing into their Facebook page for their business, a local cafe.

Their page had been created and was growing but there was no management strategy for it.

After a season of encouraging him that SM was not a craze and if he could embrace it, he would see it as a more effective and easier way of marketing his fantastic cafe and service.

Finally, I received an email from him that read along these lines, 'I am not interested in using Facebook for my business, Social Media is a waste of time!'

I have to say I was ready to put to bed any idea that I could convince him further.

Literally within 2 days of the email, there was a misunderstanding with one of their customers in store, who then decided to leave a negative review on a Facebook group they were a part of as well as the cafe's page.

This group page had over 4000 followers! Needless to say there was an uproar and it wasn't long before he heard through Social Media the negative feedback from the customer that was spreading like wildfire.

We advised him to respond to the review and share his side of the story. Which he did.

Not only did it resolve the misunderstanding, but it completely changed the negative momentum on Facebook to positive feedback, with everyone who enjoys their service giving great feedback.

The end result being:

  1. Almost everyone in the group who hadn't heard about their cafe, now had
  2. Instant praise from loyal customers
  3. 8 new page likes overnight!

After speaking to the owner the next day, it had become very clear just how fast and effective Social Media can be to get a message to your audience when you don't have much time! Imagine that same effectiveness when it comes to marketing for the business!?

If you think Social Media is not for you. Think again.