Does your website really need to be built from scratch?

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Have you ever bought something to discover you paid for a bunch of additional features you didn't want! Crafty salesman!

I went to the dentist a little while back and had this issue. I was anticipating the cost to be for a standard filling and general checkup, but after looking at the invoice, I saw several add-on services that I was charged handsomely for.

I see a lot of these techniques online with what I call default 'up-selling'. Additional services that add little to no value to your business or customers at the time. 

I'm a huge advocate of keeping things simple online and avoiding those unnecessary distractions that keep you from your work. Keeping things simple is always the way. 

So what does a simple but effective website look like?

Five website essentials

1. A secure infrastructure

Is the platform going to hold up for the long term? Are the servers secure? Is there a team of support specialists or is it an individual? 

2. Logical, appealing design

Does the website look attractive or does it look like it was designed by an IT specialist? (no offence) Is there a story to the website or is everything thrown together onto the page in a confusing manner?

3. Mobile device capable

Can you view the website on mobile devices too?

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly

Because search engines are not humans, the website needs to be logically named and set up to comply with the robots of the world wide web. The truth is, if Google doesn't like it, it will be an uphill battle to get noticed online.

5. Social

Can people share your content easily?

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