bYOUtiful - with Denise Toetoe


Denise approached HTH Design to develop a Logo for her startup venture 'bYOUtiful' with DT.  Dreamit . Believeit . Liveit .

Inspired by her own personal journey, bYOUtiful is an example of what can be accomplished through hard work and dedication; particularly for other young women looking for support and direction towards healthier living. Denise's story is an inspiration to many (check out the fan base on her  Facebook Page ).

This is what she had to say about HTH Design

"I absolutely love my new byoutiful look- it’s simple and elegant and the meaning behind it is very personal and special to me  I thank you both for treating that with the upmost respect throughout this entire process. You really brought to life my vision for the new look and feel of byoutiful with DT ." Denise

The inspiration for this brand was to create a logo that spoke of feminine strength, so it needed to be bold and elegant at the same time. This was accomplished by working closely with Denise around the colours and busyness of the layout. The final result is a clean, modern and 'byoutiful' logo.

We look forward to working with Denise again!